MADRAS, OREGON – A total eclipse of the sun on Monday August 21st will thrill skywatchers across the USA where it visible, but nowhere is the view as perfect as aboard a chartered jet soaring over the top of the world along the line of totality in Oregon.

Thanks to Big Mountain Heli Tours in Bend, Oregon 36 lucky guests will experience the total solar eclipse of 2017 from a number of specially chartered private jets in what will be the “best seat in the house” for an event of an entire generation.

In the luxury world of eclipse watchers, jet based fans of eclipses are known as “umbraphiles” named after the umbra, the dark shadow cone of the moon that rapidly sweeps across the surface of the Earth. While most ground based observers only experience darkness and the sun in corona jet based observers see the entire shadow as it races across the ground at 17,000 miles per hour.

You and six lucky friends will fly in one of six private jet aircraft we have chartered to specifically selected points along the path of totality, situated roughly above Madras, Oregon approximately halfway between the stunning Cascade Range and the high desert.

From this eagle eye location you will watch in awe as the moon’s shadow engulfs the entire Cascade Range and races across the landscape before swallowing your jet high in the sky. From this vantage point you will also see the complete corona event in ways ground based watchers thousands of miles below cannot experience.

This is your extremely limited and exclusive opportunity to go further, see more, and experience a once in a lifetime event with a once in a lifetime private jet experience based in Bend, Oregon.

Aircraft can be tasked to pick up and drop off in Portland, Seattle, the Bay Area and Arizona for an additional charge.

Join us for what will soon become the legendary flights of 2017!