MADRAS, OREGON – The BIGGEST summer event is less than 80 days away, and in an effort to view this amazing astrological event, people from all over the world have been booking hotels and campgrounds and helicopter landing sites near Madras, Oregon. An estimated 250,000 visitors are expected to this little corner of the state according to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Most cities and towns that lie along the main path of the eclipse are gearing up for massive numbers by creating additional parking and preparing for big crowds in public places. Some cities are hosting events to celebrate. These include, an event at the Oregon State Fairgrounds put on by OMSI in Salem, a four day “Solarfest” in Madras and the “Global Eclipse Gathering” put on by Symbiosis Gathering in Prineville.

In Bend, Oregon Big Mountain Heli Tours has a unique solutions to the estimated crowds on the ground by getting airborne.

For a select few they are offering select Dom Perignon Basecamps on a private 30K acre ranch along the line of totality away from the crowds to enjoy this event in peace and seclusion. Their sites have been carefully selected to capture this once-in-a-lifetime eclipse event in privacy and style.

The eclipse will only last for a few minutes and should not be viewed from Oregon without protective eclipse glasses. Viewers within the “path of totality” may view the eclipse only when the sun is completely covered. During that time onlookers can take off the glasses and see the outer edges of the sun in a way that many people won’t see again in their lifetimes.