BEND, OREGON – Vineyard landings, scenic flights, personalised experiences: Let us take you exploring over the Cascades and high desert back country giving you the ultimate birds-eye view and unique alpine vistas only possible by helicopter. Set foot on a private ranch or enjoy the diverse landscape on a Ring of Fire Volcano flight or simply take in the majestic scenery surrounding Bend. Charter flights from Redmonds FBO available.

With exclusive landing rights in Bend’s top resort hotels and breath-taking local ranches you can really experience the beauty and tranquillity that Central Oregon is famous for. For Solar Eclipse fans our unique private champagne basecamp scenic flights offer a fantastic private once in a lifetime experience.

For the more adventurous among you we also offer a variety of other heli-based activities, with heli-horseback riding and fishing in the summer months, and heli-skiing and boarding (coming soon) and even ice-climbing throughout the winter season.

All of our scenic flights can be tailored to your requirements or we can create a customised charter flight incorporating the sights and experiences that you request. Let’s fly!