Aerial Tours and Scenic Flights in Central Oregon

BEND, OREGON – In partnership with Leading Edge Aviation we are staffed by highly experienced mechanics and helicopter pilots who have a passion for flying helicopters with a versatile selection of safe helicopter operations delivering impeccable services and adventures. Big Mountain Heli Tours was created to showcase the very best of Bend and Central Oregon to the estimated 3 million guests who visit our corner of Oregon each year with amazing scenic helicopter flights and tours.

Scenic Helicopter Tours and Charters in Central Oregon

Enjoy over 20 stunning helicopter tours and unique scenic flights in Central Oregon with us this year:

Helicopter Horseback Discovery

Helicopter Wine Tasting Discovery

Mt Bachelor Winter Wonderland Scenic Flight

Madras Solar Eclipse Scenic Tour

Helicopter Rafting Combo Tour

About Bend, Oregon Tours

Known as the “outdoor playground of the West,” our town is world famous for both its outdoor pursuits and its pristine beauty – but that’s just half of the story. Bend has a second, unlimited, playground that starts at 10,000 feet. It’s a place of unparalleled vistas that stretch for miles, sunsets that take your breath away, millions of years of volcanic history, and unfettered access to remote and unusual locations in the Central Oregon high desert. The best way to explore it all in one sitting is with a helicopter tour!

Our helicopter pilots – Bend locals all – have hiked up the mountain peaks you’ll explore by air. Our ground crews have kayaked down the rivers and lakes you’ll fly over at sunset, and every one of us skis or rides Mt. Bachelor and the Cascade mountain backcountry every winter. We created Big Mountain Heli Tours to provide access to our playground to everyone, regardless of time or physical ability.

Let us show you our Central Oregon. The high desert is constantly changing with the seasons. Join us any time of year.

Experience Bend and Central Oregon like you’ve never seen it before. Book a helicopter tour today!