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BEND, OREGON – Sightseeing from a small plane or private helicopter on a scenic flight will give you the ultimate view of Central Oregon’s spectacular and inspiring geography. Glimpse the beautiful residual glaciers that tumble down from the peaks of Broken Top Mountain. Count the volcanic cinder cones that are scattered across Bend and Lava Lands State Park. Appreciate the immensity of East Lake and Paulina Lake, two massive volcanic craters filled with gin-clear water all from your private helicopter flight!

Sightseeing Central Oregon by Helicopter

Flightseeing in Central Oregon is an immensely popular activity and accessible to all, including places where our high desert and mountain scenery is most extraordinary just outside of Bend. Most of Central Oregon enjoys aviation adventures and activities, from flight seeing and helicopter landings on private vineyards and ranches to grand tours of the highest peaks in the Cascade Range, to champagne proposals, private horseback adventures, and even helicopter yoga retreats.

The Cascade mountains, with their sweeping Ring of Fire mountain chain, and continuous parade of lakes and residual glaciers is an aerial feast for the senses and a once in a lifetime flight adventure for the whole family to enjoy.

Mt Bachelor Helicopter Tours and Adventures

Flights to Mt Bachelor are the launching pad for ski adventures once you have landed back in Bend, your opportunity to scope out the best runs from the air to get away from the crowds on resort slopes. In Bend exclusive helicopter excursions take you to stunning hidden gems that set the scene for unique and special experiences.

Combining airborne adventures with ground explorations such as whitewater rafting makes Bend, Oregon scenic flight experiences truly unique.

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