Bend, Oregon Getaways Tours & Craft Beers in Central Oregon

Getting out of Bend and into our wild and scenic nature is just a hop, skip, helicopter flight or…travel trailer pop up camper rental. Bend enjoys seemingly endless hiking and mountain bike trails minutes from town, and our snow-capped Cascade Mountains and many lakes are an easy 30 minute drive providing endless opportunities for outdoor adventures.  For those that love the snow Mount Bachelor Ski Resort is an easy 25 minute drive from Bend. This mountain is a blast, with a wide variety of terrain and trails that will keep you blissfully enthralled year round.

Scenic Mountain Flights & Exciting Helicopter Tours

Join us this year from any leading resort in Bend, we’ll fly in and pick you and your group up for a scenic helicopter adventure like none other. You’ll gaze out the window of your helicopter at spectacular aerial views of the snow-capped Cascade Range, rolling hills, and an unforgettable experience with scenic vistas, adventure, and the ability to customize your helicopter tour. Choose from vineyard flights, weddings, proposals, private ranches, fly fishing and even three day yoga retreats by helicopter in Bend.

Craft Beer Adventures and More

Deschutes – This is Bend’s largest brewery. The upside is you can enjoy some of your fave beers, but the downside is that depending on where you live, you can probably get these beers elsewhere – they have beer distribution across the USA. Still, worth a visit at least for one pint.

Bendistillery – Without a question, the best distillery in Oregon, the friendliest distillery in Oregon, and some of the best vodka made in the USA. It’s a small plant but the tasting room is pleasant (sit out on the back porch on a nice day), and ask if there are any infusions they’ve got for sampling, as they have things to taste that aren’t on sale. Try their Crater Lake Vodka. It’s just superb as a sipping vodka or for cocktails.

Good Life – Great name for a beer brand, eh? Good Life has some tasty brews, and they’re all the home base for the “cyclepub“, where you and your best friends can pedal a mobile bar around Bend!

Boneyard – A tiny, tiny brewery with a grungy, punk rock attitude, but I do love their beers and despite their rough exterior, they’re smart, funny, and friendly brewers.

Backcountry Travel Trailer Tent Camper Rentals

Rent a rugged, spacious, travel trailer tent camper in Bend, Oregon for just $99 a day! Featuring Manley Outback Adventure Trailers and Rooftop Tents from Bend based Freespirit Recreation, our travel trailer tent campers can be decked out with everything you’ll need for your next exciting Oregon camping adventure. Add in a gourmet kitchen, chairs, cooler, tactical hammocks for two, solar lighting, deck of cards and you’ll be all set for music festivals, hot springs, the Oregon coast and glamping adventures of every kind!

Bend’s BEST Family Adventures

Start your day of adventure in Bend with an amazing breakfast at a family friendly restaurant in town. Fueled and ready to go, set out for the Bend airport, just 20 minutes outside Bend, to board your personal helicopter for an amazing tour of Bend and beyond. From the air you’ll explore the snow-capped and sundrenched Cascade Range, soar over the whitewater rapids at Big Eddy, see Bend’s Tumalo Falls waterfall, and visit the heart of Bend at The Old Mill – from the air. Of course this is your private helicopter, so if you would like, design your own flight plan and explore any of our countless wilderness wonderlands in the area.