Romantic Ideas in Bend, Oregon | Helicopter

If you are visiting Bend this summer and looking for the best romantic moment for that special someone, look no further than Big Mountain Heli Tours! Our private helicopter tours are the perfect romantic gift for guys or girls, flying over snow-capped mountains, forest valleys, and getting up close to waterfalls are just a few possible highlights that are sure to leave you inspired. We offer special wedding and engagement helicopter tour packages and would love to help plan something unique and exciting just for you. Just give us a call and we would love to discuss what we can do to create the perfect day for you and your loved one. Let’s fly!

Helicopter Proposal Flights

Big Mountain Heli Tours offers a full range of wedding packages to accommodate every bride and groom. Our in-house wedding coordinator will assist you with all the details to create a fun and fabulous experience you and your loved ones will never forget. From wedding helicopter flight coordination and helicopter tours originating at major Central Oregon resorts such as BrasadaPronghornSunriver and Tetherow to exclusive wedding venues in the high desert, we have the helicopters and pilots to support your special event.

Sunset Proposal Flights in Central Oregon

Surprise your future spouse with an epic helicopter marriage proposal and scenic tour that’ll make them feel like they’re on top of the world! You’ve purchased the ring and you’re ready to pop the question. But how? And, more importantly, “where” are you going to do it?

A heartfelt and sincere proposal is always best. But, if you would like to add some flair along away, we can help. Here are some creative marriage proposal ideas you can use for inspiration. At our remote and scenic locations in Central Oregon you will be treated to everything you need to make this a special moment the two of you will remember for the rest of your lives.

The Ultimate Wedding Proposal

Your sunset helicopter proposal begins at the Bend Airport where your intended is treated to a scenic flight and tour around the Cascade Mountains with a trip over the simply gorgeous Broken Top Mountain. As far as she knows this is the most exciting thing you’ll be doing together today. Our pilot will take you both high into the snow capped range for breathtaking views, and then over to one of our remote drop in sites where the real adventure begins.

Once we have landed, your pilot will help unload a table and chairs, a bottle of wine or champagne, and an exclusive luxury snack basket prepared at by Bend’s very own Bow Tie Catering! Your pilot will leave some final instructions and then disappear for the next hour or two. What happens next is up to you. Best of luck. We’re 99% sure she’ll enthusiastically say yes, yes, and yes again!

Romantic Travel Trailer Music Festival Rentals in Bend

Big Mountain Adventures has the luxury travel trailers you’ll need to be comfortable and enjoy your time at Oregon music festivals this summer. There’s been an explosion in glamping adventures in Oregon in recent years, as serious adventure seekers, weekend festival goers, families, and weekend warriors look to have it all. Central Oregon is in the middle of it all the perfect getaway for travel trailer rentals to Oregon’s outback, the Alvord desert, the Steens Mountains, Oregon’s coast, hot springs, lakes and rivers and more. Use Bend as a your travel trailer basecamp while exploring the scenic backcountry of the region and state on your way to your next music festival and event.

Call us today to plan your next romantic scenic helicopter tour wedding/proposal  or music festival travel trailer rentals in Bend 541-668-7670.