Find Great Snow and Scenic Vistas During La Niña Winter

It’s official, our little mountain town is on track for another epic winter season of El Nina winter conditions in 2018. For the team at Big Mountain Heli Tours that means spectacular winter snowpack flights over Mt Bachelor Ski Resort and the Cascades.

We call it our Winter Wonderland flight, and we created it just for you. Discover incredible snowpacks on the flanks of mountains bathed in the winter sun as far as the eye can see.  Big Mountain Heli Tours operates some of the best heli scenic flights you can access without having to climb all the way up to the summits around Bend.

Guests that fly with Big Mountain are giving access to a couple of Bend’s most legendary summits Brokentop and South Sisters. With over 100,000 acres to pick and choose from the Big Mountain Heli Tour experience will most likely be different from anything you have experienced in the past.

While Broken Top Mt is our local volcanic star this private and unique helicopter tour will also highlight Mt. Bachelor, one of the largest ski resorts in the U.S. On this tour you’ll swing over the mountain and watch skiers racing down the 3,600 acres of terrain. The Cascade Range is still active to this day. Mt. St. Helens (which you can see on most flights) to our North remains hot after a devastating and well known eruption in 1980.

Flying over the summits you’ll be treated to an eye candy view of the Cascade Mountain chain stretching from north to south and including Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, Mount Washington, North Sister, Middle Sister and South Sister. Book today!