BEND, OREGON – We’re excited to be featured on this month talking about the Solar Eclipse.

Big Mountain Heli Tours in Oregonlive

Patric Douglas, the CEO of Big Mountain Heli Tours, said his Dom Perignon Solar Eclipse Basecamp has been sold out for months and is bringing in suitors from as far as Australia. For Douglas, a veteran of adventure tourism for decades, the eclipse is all about providing an “authentic experience.”

“That’s what we’re doing,” he said of the basecamp champagne picnic provided by Bend-based Bowtie Catering. “It’s terribly exciting.”

It’s also $8,000 per helicopter. The company is flying 10 helicopters to the private property on Monday morning in the hours before the eclipse. 

The flight will take about 25 minutes, Douglas said. “They’re there for the moment and a good lunch. Then they go back,” he said.