MADRAS, OREGON – A total solar eclipse hasn’t happened in Oregon since 1979, so it is no wonder the world is flocking to Madras for the once in a lifetime cosmic event of the year.

For many who are just learning about this exciting experience a growing lack of hotels, ground transportation, and expected congestion along the line of totality are leaving them to ask, “is there a better way to experience this?”

Private Jet Solar Eclipse Viewing

Big Mountain Heli Tours have chartered six luxury private jets on Monday, August 21st to whisk your group of six up to 30,000 feet to witness the “complete” solar eclipse.

In the luxury world of eclipse watchers, jet based fans of eclipses are known as “umbraphiles” named after the umbra, the dark shadow cone of the moon that rapidly sweeps across the surface of the Earth. While most ground based observers only experience darkness and the sun in corona jet based observers see the entire shadow as it races across the ground at 17,000 miles per hour.

Between 9 and 11am on Monday morning, the moon will pass between the earth and the sun and block out all direct sunlight, turning day into darkness. Since this is the last total solar eclipse that will be visible in the USA until August 2024, we recommend that you make the most of this incredible event.

The eclipse will only be visible in its totality from Oregon to South Carolina, however Oregon will have the best weather and views of the event with the shadow racing over mountains and the high desert below. Wherever you wish to see it from, Big Mountain Heli Tours have organised your private flight to the solar eclipse so you don’t miss this rare phenomenon. Alternatively, our team are able to charter private aircraft to fly you round trip from any location in Portland, Seattle and the Bay Area on the morning of the event for an entirely exclusive view.

Don’t wait until 2024 to witness this mesmerizing celestial occurrence. Call us today for this unique once in a lifetime opportunity!