MADRAS, OREGON – With less than 100 days now marking the time you have left before what will be the easiest total solar eclipse ever to travel to and witness, have you made YOUR plans yet?

A human tsunami of eclipse-chasers from across the country and the world will be in Oregon for the Aug. 21, 2017 event when a new moon will completely block out the Sun for a few minutes, creating a 70-mile moon-shadow across the state.

if you’re lucky enough to stand anywhere under that shadow and you get to glimpse totality, when everything goes pitch black and—if there are clear skies—you can see a “hole in the sky.”

Big Mountain Heli Tours based in Bend, Oregon has been planning for this unique event  for months and is offering Private Champagne Helicopter Basecamps on a 30,000 acre private ranch along the line of totality. For those “in the know” this once in a lifetime event is best appreciated away from traffic, crowds, and the crush of humanity found elsewhere.

Enjoy Dom Perignon Champagne, Bend’s own Bow Tie Catering gourmet basket, tables and chairs, eclipse-viewing eyewear, and a front row seat to the greatest celestial event in Central Oregon in over four decades. After the event we will bring you and your lucky guests back with a vacation memory that will last a lifetime!

Let’s fly!