BEND, OREGON – Here’s an idea: what if you decide to gift only experiences this year in Bend? How much more memorable will your holidays be in Central Oregon’s top experience destination?

Gift Experiences in Bend, Oregon

Consider these experiences: scenic helicopter flights, concert tickets, a home-cooked meal, tickets to a play or a musical, breakfast in bed, a back rub, a foot rub, a full-body massage, a holiday parade, walking or driving somewhere without a plan, spending an evening talking with no distractions, making-out under the mistletoe, visiting a festival of lights, cutting down a Christmas tree, watching a sunrise, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, dancing, taking your children to a petting zoo, making snow angels, making a batch of hot apple cider, taking a vacation together, watching a wintertime sunset.

What other experiences can you give to someone you care about?

Big Mountain Heli Tours creates tour experiences in Bend that last a lifetime. We will bring you to our secret hideaway locations and share our grand vistas in the Cascade Mountains with you. We’ll offer you the very best of our high desert playground from Bend, Sunriver and major resorts here in Central Oregon. Our slice of outdoor heaven lends itself to moments in the sky that you can only find and appreciate here. Tell us how we can make your next vacation in Bend and Central Oregon exciting. Where do you want to go?

Your experiences build and strengthen the bond between you and the people you care about.

Don’t you think you’d find more value in these experiences than material gifts? Don’t you think your loved ones will find more value, too? There’s only one way to find out by giving the gift of experiences in Bend this year.