Helicopter Fly Fishing in Central Oregon? Yes!

BEND, OREGON –  Chartering a helicopter for the day is now an option for those that want the helicopter fly fishing experience of a lifetime. This means we keep the machine for the day and can fish multiple rivers, private ranch lakes, or your own property.

The sky is literally the limit when you join Big Mountain Heli Tours in Central Oregon on the hunt for big fish. Our unique scenic flight expeditions are absolutely stunning and allow for non fishing partners to come and enjoy the day with you. We can include a guide and all the gear, or if you prefer we can land you and pick you up later at a prearranged time.

Book Your Scenic Helicopter Charter Today!

Using a helicopter to gain access to remote fly fishing locations in Oregon is an awesome experience and not just for the fly fishing alone. We can fly you into rafting basecamps for two and three day rafting expeditions with local outfitters, or land you on a private ranch with epic stocked trout. Knowing you are flying to a remote river or lake that would take days drive into holding big rainbow trout that haven’t seen the pressure of rivers that are much more easily accessible is a thrill. Some of our  most remote fishing locations haven’t seen a fisherman all season or even possibly even last season!

Join us for Bend’s newest scenic outdoor adventure, Helicopter Fly Fishing, you’ll be thrilled at what we have in store for you!