BEND, OREGON – Are you planning an exclusive golf vacation in Central Oregon and looking for the ultimate golf activity? Well, look no further than Big Mountain Heli Tours, we have you covered. Fly into Bend and Redmond with Leading Edge Aviations Jet Centers and step on to your private helicopter for a quick flight to any of our premier golf links at Pronghorn golf, Tetherow golf and other luxury golf courses in Bend this summer and fall.

Charter a Helicopter From Central Oregon’s Jet Centers

Flying in your own private charter helicopter over the amazing snow capped mountain vistas of Central Oregon, and landing on ¬†your chosen Central Oregon world class golf courses for 18 holes, great food, beverages, and unique fun is Bend’s best way to experience multiple world class golf destinations – in a single day. Seasoned golf visitors to Central Oregon may feel that they have experienced every aspect of golfing in Bend but unless you’ve seen what it’s like to circle the golf course by air; felt what’s it’s like to step from the helicopter on arrival; and sampled the unique experience of making the otherwise impossible 36-hole day a reality, then it must be said that there is still an element of Bend golf to be discovered!

Join us for an unforgettable day of helicopter golfing exclusively in Bend, Oregon. Where else?