Helicopter Scenic Flights and Tours in Bend, Oregon

CENTRAL OREGON – Lava Lands State Park. The Cascade Mountains. Private Vineyards and Ranches. These unique Central Oregon landmarks are truly impressive to see from the ground, but they are even more spectacular when explored from the air. Bend based helicopter tours are an amazing way to see some of the most beautiful landmarks in Bend from a new and refreshing perspective.

Mt Jefferson is one of the most amazing natural wonders in Central Oregon and our helicopter tours will take you soaring high above the high desert so that you can explore this enormous monument to the Pacific’s Ring of Fire. We also offer private helicopter tours that will land you and your guests in exclusive vineyards with stunning mountain views.

Exciting helicopter Tours and Charters in Bend, Oregon

Every helicopter tour we offer is different and unique to our special region here in the high desert. Some offer a thrilling perspective on our little mountain town with scenic flights to The Old Mill, while others will take you to a remote and wild areas that can not be experienced any other way. Other tours like rugged tent camper rentals take you to your own romantic spots with a gorgeous views that are yours to discover.

For many visitors to Bend there is a destination that calls to them – somewhere they have dreamed of seeing since as long as they can remember. Whether it is a private ranch or a gorgeous natural landscape, seeing Central Oregon from the air on a helicopter tour is a special experience that they will never forget!

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We offer the most unique and exclusive helicopter tours across Central Oregon and if you don’t see something you like, we can build an exciting helicopter tour to suit your needs on a private helicopter charter.

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