Helicopter Tours and Rides | Bend, Oregon | Things To Do

Helicopter tours and charters are an exciting way to share Central Oregon’s sights and scenic vistas with the special people in your life. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or wedding proposal helicopter rides and tours offer excitement and value to thrill the loved ones in your life. Book your helicopter tour today!

Helicopter Tours in Bend, Oregon

Bend based helicopter tours and charters are unlike anything you’ve ever seen and take your next visit to Bend up to 10,000 feet over snow-capped mountains and pristine lakes. Many people will never get the chance to ride in a helicopter, but we have designed helicopter tours ranging from 30-60 minutes to suit every budget. Our unique helicopter rides will take you on a one of a kind journey, whether you want to fly over the rugged Oregon landscape and mountains, or want to drop into a local vineyard for a helicopter wine tasting event – we got you covered.

Special Events Helicopter Charters FBO and Resort Pick Up

Helicopter tours and charters in Bend are a unique way to improve special events in Central Oregon. Whether you’re proposing to the one you love, taking your parents out for their anniversary, or entertaining corporate clients, few experiences can match what helicopter tours offer in Bend, Oregon. We offer FBO charters, direct to resorts in the region, and specialized helicopter charters to suit every need.

The uses for helicopter charters are growing with the addition of helo pads to major sporting events, hotels and resorts. Besides the usual excitement of simply enjoying the big city skyline you can now use a helicopter charter for the following:

  • Airport transfers from our FBO’s to a Central Oregon resort or hotel
  • Corporate entertaining, helicopter golfing events
  • Business travel to Prineville, Warm Springs, Redmond
  • Sporting event helicopter arrivals
  • Helicopter city tours
  • Aerial filming and photography helicopter flights
  • Luxury hotel helicopter resort transfers
  • Amazing helicopter wedding arrivals

Call us today and book your helicopter tour here in Central Oregon!