Solar Eclipse 2017 Madras Helicopter Tours

Madras, Oregon has been identified as one of the best viewing locations of next year’s solar eclipse, and many are already planning trips to witness this historic event. While lodging in Madras has been full for over a year, we’ll be flying helicopters from Bend, Oregon to Madras from Friday August 18 through Tuesday August 22 to ensure no one is left out of this historic event!

Madras Helicopter Tours and Charters

The City of Madras is promoting Central Oregon’s largest solar eclipse event – Solarfest – featuring music, food, and activities from Friday through Monday.  On August 21, 2017, the total solar eclipse will make its way across Madras, Oregon, lasting approximately 2 minutes and 2 seconds. But observers in Madras will have their breath taken away much sooner than that, as the shadow will dance over the peak of stratovolcano Mt. Jefferson and begin to darken 17 seconds before the eclipse. Then, the moon’s shadow will descend upon Madras at an awesome speed of more than 2,000 mph, reaching totality at exactly 10:19:36 a.m. Prepare yourself for two minutes of total cosmic bliss.

Luxury Travel Trailer Rentals for Solar Eclipse

Big Mountain Adventures provides your one-stop-shop for luxury travel trailer tent camper rentals. Our rugged Freespirit adventure tent trailers are backcountry built for glamping adventures of every kind. Spend mornings on the Oregon coast with freshly brewed french press coffee and gray whales playing in the surf, or marvel at our Milky Way at night in the Alvord Desert while you cook in your gourmet tent camper kitchen. Oregon is a destination of incredible landscapes and moments on the road that will leave you with travel trailer tent camping vacation memories to last a lifetime.

Big Mountain Helicopter Tours is the Official Flight Provider for Solarfest offering unique scenic flights and a one of a kind Champagne Solar Eclipse Base Camps:

Solar Eclipse 30 minute Helicopter Tours

Solar Eclipse 60 minute Helicopter Tours

Solar Eclipse Champagne Base Camps

Our on site helicopter facility includes access to parking, restrooms, tables and chairs. Join us for a once in a generation event on Madras, or charter our helicopters for your own solar eclipse event in 2017!