Winter in Bend, Oregon starts with snowfall in the mountains when locals start to feel the excitement of anticipating another beautiful winter in Central Oregon. Visitors travel from all over to experience Bend during the winter season and for visitors this year no winter trip to Bend s complete without a private helicopter tours of […]

Fly Bend’s Iconic and Scenic Landmarks Mother Nature has created breathtaking sights across Central Oregon that are well worth visiting. The Cascade Range, Crooked Canyon or The Painted Hills are just a few examples on a long list of sights you simply have to see. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has not always made it easy for […]

BEND, OREGON – How many times have you ended a day on your vacation and wondered, “where did that day go?” Vacation time is precious. That’s why we created Big Mountain Heli Tours in Bend offering resort helicopter flight and transportation support. Now you can fly to all your favorite destinations in Central Oregon, and perhaps […]

BEND, OREGON – One of the best ways to experience Bend’s incredibly diverse and scenic landscapes is from the air. Big Mountain Heli Tours flies on demand every day of the year from sunrise to sunset. Explore snow capped mountain peaks, ancient lava plains, deep river gorges, waterfalls, and high desert caldera lakes with us […]

BEND, OREGON – This week is a special week for those who love restored WW2 flying machines and the weather could not be better for the much anticipated arrival of B-17 Aluminum Overcast. Located at the Bend airport 20 minutes from downtown this is your chance to discover a piece of flying history. The Experimental […]

BEND, OREGON – Private jet luxury travel is popular with those who own and maintain their own personal aircraft and pilot affording them privacy while allowing them to completely bypass crowded airports. For those in the Bay Area, Seattle and Portland the ability to pick up and go nearly anywhere at a moment’s notice gives […]

BEND, OREGON – If you’re looking for the best possible views of Central Oregon’s best fireworks show in Bend this incredible tour is for you! Be a VIP for the day and avoid the crowds below with an exclusive private fireworks viewing from the air. Explore Bend’s Old Mill and surrounding area for the entire […]

Corporate Events in Bend, Oregon | Helicopter Yoga Retreats BEND, OREGON – Big Mountain Heli Tours introduces corporate helicopter yoga retreats – an exclusive, luxury helicopter flight and all inclusive yoga retreat weekend featuring a remote landing and accommodations at our stunning private ranches. Your three day stay includes your own private executive chef, personalized yoga , […]

Group Activities and Events for Corporate Meetings In Bend BEND, OREGON – Organizations based in Washington, California, and Oregon plan indoor business events during the winter months, while summer event planning May through September offers a welcomed change of pace and the chance to get outside. Bend and Central Oregon offer your team an unlimited […]

Fly By Helicopter to The Planet “Mars” in Central Oregon? Pop Pictures produced a stunning look at one of our favourite helicopter tour destinations in Central Oregon, The Painted Hills. Named for the delicate layers of reds, yellows, golds and blacks in its soil, the Painted Hills is one of the three units that make up […]