BEND, OREGON – Take a short jet charter flight from the Bay Area, Portland, or Seattle to experience Oregon’s most luxurious yoga retreat at the Ranch at The Canyons covering 1700 acres of river valleys, mountain vistas and natural beauty in the Central Oregon. Visit for a day, check in for a weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation, […]

BEND, OREGON – It is a well-worn practice in the extreme world of elite skiing and snowboarding. This year local helicopter company, Big Mountain Heli Tours, have introduced it to the world of Yoga for the first time in Central Oregon. Heli Yoga is the newest way to unwind, unpack, and discover inner peace in Central […]

Helicopter Fly Fishing in Central Oregon? Yes! BEND, OREGON –  Chartering a helicopter for the day is now an option for those that want the helicopter fly fishing experience of a lifetime. This means we keep the machine for the day and can fish multiple rivers, private ranch lakes, or your own property. The sky […]

Watch the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse in Central Oregon by Helicopter! When is the next eclipse? August 21, 2017 and Central Oregon at Madras Solarfest is in the prime viewing path. The first total solar eclipse since 1979 will be witnessed by the continental United States, and it touches Oregon first. For those seeking the […]

Central Oregon Film Office | Discover Central Oregon BEND, OREGON – The Central Oregon Film Office, located in Bend Oregon, is your one-stop resource for all Film and TV productions shooting East of the Cascade Mountain Range. Central Oregon is home to one of the most diverse film regions in the United States. From towering […]

Helicopter and Fixed Wing Photo Flights Bend, Oregon CENTRAL OREGON – We want to help you share the beauty of Central Oregon’s scenic bounty with the world through beautiful photography and video. There’s nothing quite as breathtaking as seeing all that our amazing region has to offer from the sky. From mountains to high desert, waterfalls […]

Luxury Solar Eclipse Helicopter Basecamps in Madras, Oregon MADRAS, OREGON – Six months. Six months until the grandest show in the heavens returns to Central Oregon: the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21. There have been plenty of lunar eclipses and partial solar eclipses in the United States this century, but there has not been a […]

Luxury Helicopter Yoga Retreats in Central Oregon BEND, OREGON – Visit for a day, check in for a weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation, or plan a longer stay at one of Central Oregon’s most unique and beautiful yoga retreat locations by scenic helicopter charters. Whether you are looking for a peaceful getaway where you can […]

Oregon Eclipse — Great American Eclipse | Helicopter Tours BEND, OREGON – We’re exactly six months away from the spectacular total solar eclipse that will be visible across Oregon, and while that might seem far off, smart eclipse watchers are planning for it now. Fortunately Big Mountain Heli Tours has you covered with the only […]

The Top 3 Helicopter Tours and Activities in Bend, Oregon Scenic air tours are a popular year round activity in Central Oregon, including places where the scenery is most extraordinary – The Cascades, Lava Lands, The Old Mill, private ranches, vineyards and more! Bend offers multiple aviation adventures and fun tours and activities – from […]

MADRAS, OREGON – Legions of eclipse-chasers from across the country and the world will be in the United States for the Aug. 21, 2017 for a once in a lifetime event. A New Moon will completely block out the Sun for a few minutes, throwing a 70-mile Moon-shadow across the states from Oregon to South […]

Great American Eclipse Tours and Total Solar Eclipse Madras, Oregon BEND, OREGON – For many cultures a total solar eclipse represents a time when either a demon or animal consumes the Sun. For example, the Vikings saw a pair of sky wolves chasing the Sun, and when one caught it, the wolf would eat it. […]