Fall in Central oregon brings cooler temps, colorful trees and early winter events, street parties and flights into the Cascades for the entire family. Let’s play! Find The Perfect Pumpkin Even though we have a short growing season in Central Oregon, squash, pumpkins and gourds are hearty and easy to grow. Grab the family and […]

Amazing Summer Experiences in Bend Oregon | Helicopter Tours Bend, Oregon is a year round playground for those who seek memories of adventures and experiences that last a lifetime. Central Oregon offers some of the best weather for outdoor activities in the country. Ski Mt Bachelor in the winter and hike, bike or raft any of the […]

Bend, Oregon is a small little mountain town with a combination of magical scenery and natural wonders; that’s why it’s so special. Some of the unforgettable and awe-inspiring spots around this piece of paradise becken you to explore and be inspired. Bend Oregon’s Cascade Range by Helicopter Our Cascades helicopter tours showcase the unique part […]

BEND, OREGON – The best gift you can give this year is a Discovery Flight in a helicopter. Your special family member may dream about flying, but you have absolutely no idea where to start. Even the most experienced pilots can remember their first time in the cockpit, when they made the decision to stop thinking about flying […]

Buddies Trip Itinerary in Bend, Oregon You have three days, two nights in Bend, Oregon with your best buddies. How will you spend the time? You will play a ton of golf, no doubt. You will also drink great beer, be thrilled to an epic helicopter adventure, and make incredible memories. A buddies trip in Bend, Oregon at Pronghorn […]

BEND, OREGON – It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the recreational opportunities around Bend — waterfalls, rivers, hiking trails, mountains to ski and climb, dozens of golf courses and on and on… Add one more adventure to the long list with Big Mountain Heli Tours, a new Bend-based helicopter tour company (launched in November 2016) offering […]

BEND, OREGON – This summer, discover the very best of Bend and Central Oregon with a helicopter tour! Most of Bend’s visitors return year after year and have done and seen everything, but how many can say they have soared to the summit of the Cascades in a doors off helicopter? Not ready to hike […]

BEND, OREGON – If you’re from Portland, Seattle or the Bay Area  and you’re trying to decide on an amazing, beautiful place to propose, look no further than Bend, Oregon. By helicopter you can experience mountain summits and private vineyards, secluded ranches, and remote resorts in the desert. Here are 4 stunning places in Central […]

BEND, OREGON – One of the best ways to experience Bend’s incredibly diverse and scenic landscapes is from the air. Big Mountain Heli Tours flies on demand every day of the year from sunrise to sunset. Explore snow capped mountain peaks, ancient lava plains, deep river gorges, waterfalls, and high desert caldera lakes with us […]

Proposal Ideas For Hopeless Romantics in Bend | Helicopter Tours BEND, OREGON – The ultimate dream for romantics is the marriage proposal. The world’s grandest romantic gesture takes time to plan, a location to scout, and a moment that will last forever to prepare for. A unique marriage proposal in Bend will (hopefully) only happen […]

BEND, OREGON – Let us take your luxury property search in Central Oregon up a notch with a helicopter tour of Bend. Central Oregon has some of the most sought after real estate in the Northwest, and Big Mountain Heli Tours will help you successfully navigate the Bend’s real estate market with exclusive realtor helicopter […]

BEND, OREGON – Visitors to Bend often plan scenic adventures well in advance. For those that choose to “hit the ground running” (our favourite way to travel) we have put together a one day ultimate guide to fun, food, and adventure in Bend, enjoy! Wake up in Bend Get your morning “day of adventure and […]