Big Mountain Heli Tours in Rotor and Wing Magazine We’re excited to be featured in Rotor and Wing Magazine this month. Big Mountain Heli Tours of Bend, Oregon, is in its first year of operation. With Bend in the path of totality, the company’s CEO, Patric Douglas, said he is excited to offer some unique […]

BEND, OREGON – We’re excited to be featured on this month talking about the Solar Eclipse. Big Mountain Heli Tours in Oregonlive Patric Douglas, the CEO of Big Mountain Heli Tours, said his Dom Perignon Solar Eclipse Basecamp has been sold out for months and is bringing in suitors from as far as Australia. For Douglas, a […]

BEND, OREGON – The most thrilling scenic flights of the season have just begun. Join us for Bend’s unique Sunset and Fire Heli Tours! Explore Central Oregon’s late summer atmospherics when regional forest fires fill the air with smoke, and our mountain sunsets explode into the golden hues and bright sunset rays that make for legendary […]

BIG NEWS – For the first time in The Warm Spring Confederated Tribe 138 year history they have issued the first and only tribal permit for the summit of Mt Jefferson, Oregon’s second tallest peak directly along the line of totality. Big Mountain Heli Tours is honored to be the recipient of this unique and […]

MADRAS, OREGON – For the first time in almost 100 years, a total solar eclipse will cross the United States when the moon passes in front of the sun on Aug. 21 and people are flocking to Madras, Oregon for the best chances to see this event. Here are two of the top ways to […]

BEND, OREGON – Enjoy a unique and exciting bird’s eye view of the snow capped Cascades and soar over volcanic lava flows, lakes, rivers and stunning high desert vistas with Bend’s local helicopter company. Let your next scenic flight in Central Oregon become a special vacation memory to enjoy and share. Let’s fly!

BEND, OREGON – Are you planning an exclusive golf vacation in Central Oregon and looking for the ultimate golf activity? Well, look no further than Big Mountain Heli Tours, we have you covered. Fly into Bend and Redmond with Leading Edge Aviations Jet Centers and step on to your private helicopter for a quick flight […]

BEND, OREGON – It’s the buzz in Bend right now as rafting guides, kayak rental companies and SUP owners look at our snow capped Cascade Mountains with glee. Their joy? 135% snowpack locked into the high mountains surrounding our town that will eventually be releasing an epic amount of cool clean water into the Deschutes! […]

Helicopter Tours & Bi-Plane Flights | Bend Oregon BEND, OREGON – Air tours are one of the most exciting ways to experience places with vast landscapes. And you don’t get more vast than Central Oregon’s high desert back country. Framed by magnificent snow capped mountains to our West and dotted with crystalline blue lakes fed […]

Helicopter Fly Fishing in Central Oregon? Yes! BEND, OREGON –  Chartering a helicopter for the day is now an option for those that want the helicopter fly fishing experience of a lifetime. This means we keep the machine for the day and can fish multiple rivers, private ranch lakes, or your own property. The sky […]

Watch the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse in Central Oregon by Helicopter! When is the next eclipse? August 21, 2017 and Central Oregon at Madras Solarfest is in the prime viewing path. The first total solar eclipse since 1979 will be witnessed by the continental United States, and it touches Oregon first. For those seeking the […]

Great American Eclipse Tours and Total Solar Eclipse Madras, Oregon BEND, OREGON – For many cultures a total solar eclipse represents a time when either a demon or animal consumes the Sun. For example, the Vikings saw a pair of sky wolves chasing the Sun, and when one caught it, the wolf would eat it. […]