MADRAS, OREGON – The year 2017 is expected to see the “eclipse of the century” over North American skies in August, with a total solar eclipse over an hour and a half time span, a spectacular cosmic event that last took place in 1918. Madras, Oregon will be ground zero for this remarkable event being […]

Solar Eclipse 2017 Madras Helicopter Tours Madras, Oregon has been identified as one of the best viewing locations of next year’s solar eclipse, and many are already planning trips to witness this historic event. While lodging in Madras has been full for over a year, we’ll be flying helicopters from Bend, Oregon to Madras from Friday August […]

Preparations For The Great American Solar Eclipse | Bend, Oregon Usually, Americans who want to see a total solar eclipse would need to fly to a faraway place like Kenya or Norway — all for a few minutes of once in a lifetime magic that could easily be ruined by a cloud in the wrong […]