BEND, OREGON – We created Big Mountain Heli Tours with one goal in mind. The idea was to create a “Bend Local” tourism company with all the enthusiasm and love for our local scenic vistas and wildlands as can only be found in a truly locally run and operated tourism company: “At Big Mountain Heli […]

BEND, OREGON – Private jet luxury travel is popular with those who own and maintain their own personal aircraft and pilot affording them privacy while allowing them to completely bypass crowded airports. For those in the Bay Area, Seattle and Portland the ability to pick up and go nearly anywhere at a moment’s notice gives […]

BEND, OREGON – Oregon helicopter charters are the best way to get to where you want to go fast. Based in Bend, our locations are situated to maximise flights to and from regional airports, private ranches, and luxury resorts. Our fleet of helicopters means that they can be used for business, film and tv, tours, […]

BEND, OREGON – Incredible scenic vistas and completely unique experiences in and around Bend are just waiting to thrill and entertain visitors when you fly by helicopter to our favorite locations. Experience outdoor adventures in Bend year round from fly fishing and horseback riding by helicopter, to landing at a private vineyard, to incredible scenic […]

CENTRAL OREGON – One of the most thrilling and scenic ways to experience Bend, Oregon is onboard a private helicopter. With the ability to fly high above some of our region’s most famous landmarks a helicopter tour can provide spectacular views to some very lucky guests. Big Mountain Heli Tours, Bend’s local heli company, travels […]

BEND, OREGON – What sets Big Mountain Heli Tours apart from other helicopter companies is our dedication to local experiences. No one knows Central Oregon’s landscape like we do; in partnership with Bend’s premier flight school, Leading Edge Aviation, we’re staffed by highly experienced commercial pilots and mechanics who have a passion for flying helicopters […]

BEND, OREGON – A romantic weekend in Bend, Oregon is the time to treat your special someone to a thrilling local experience filled with adventure, great food, and amazing local accommodations. From exciting helicopter tours over the skies of Central Oregon to romantic restaurants and first class hotels, you’ll find a wide range of activities in […]

BEND, OREGON –  Just north of California, Oregon is a lush and wild state offering a wide array of unique scenic tourist attractions. We’re family friendly, adventure centric, and fiercely Oregonian in everything we do. Western hospitality runs in our DNA. In addition to its natural beauty, Central Oregon is equally known for its urban charms. Bend, in […]

Moving To Bend? Treat Yourself to a Bird’s Eye View! BEND, OREGON – It’s official, over the last few years Bend has exceeded all growth predictions. Our little mountain town, which was once just a little resort town in the desert, has added about 55,000 residents since the 1990s. And while the growth has been quick Bend […]

Things to Do in Bend: Wine Tasting by Helicopter BEND, OREGON – Wine tasting by helicopter may sound indulgent at first blush, but it’s actually the way to go in Bend when you consider your valuable vacation time, since you’ll likely be up in the air much shorter than you’d spend sitting in a car […]

BEND, OREGON – Boutique hotels in Bend and luxury golf resorts are overflowing with advance bookings, and our restaurants and gourmet food carts are gearing up for the biggest celestial event in a generation. With five short months to go for the Great American Eclipse, Oregon is ready! Tell Me About The Eclipse? The total solar […]

Luxury Private Jet Vacation Travel Tours and Packages, Oregon BEND, OREGON – Big Mountain Heli Tours, in partnership with upscale private ranches and destinations in Central Oregon have created exclusive private jet vacations with helicopter charter service for clients arriving from the Bay Area, Portland, Seattle and beyond. Our weekend and weeklong adventures, retreats, and […]