CENTRAL OREGON – Central Oregon’s diverse region coupled with it’s patchwork of government agencies, private lands, and unique landscapes makes location scouting a vital process. Once your scriptwriters, producers or directors have decided what general kind of scenery they require let us help you find your location in a fast and efficient manner. Utilizing a helicopter […]

CENTRAL, OREGON – Big Mountain Heli Tours is your go to source for film and TV productions, still photography, location scouting and more. Based in Bend, Oregon our team of local pilots have years of experience flying TV commercials, movies, company productions as well as televised sporting events. The region’s newest FBO provides productions with a safe […]

Central Oregon Film Office | Discover Central Oregon BEND, OREGON – The Central Oregon Film Office, located in Bend Oregon, is your one-stop resource for all Film and TV productions shooting East of the Cascade Mountain Range. Central Oregon is home to one of the most diverse film regions in the United States. From towering […]