Little compares with the rush of downhill skiing, but for travelers seeking something different this season, tour providers offer plenty of other ways to experience the winter scenery. Bend has become a winter vacation hotspot, boasting beautiful ski slopes, scenic mountain helicopter tours, excellent craft beer, and outdoor recreation galore. Whether you want to sample the snowy activities, the 14 local breweries, or the area’s many museums, you’re in for a unique adventure.

Helicopter Tours in Bend’s Winter Wonderland

Big Mountain Heli Tours Winter Wonderland Helicopter flight is perfect for Bend visitors and locals who want to experience and explore as much of our magnificent snow-capped Cascade range as possible. The Cascades are a unique part of the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire, the ring of volcanoes and associated mountains around the Pacific Ocean. Let’s fly!

Guided Tours in Bend, Oregon – With culinary, brewery, and museum tours, you can discover the very best of Bend, Oregon while you visit. Discover the local cuisine, which emphasizes locally sourced ingredients and fresh regional flavors. Beer lovers flock to this area to crawl the Bend Ale Trail, the largest beer trail in the West. Clustered close to the downtown district, you can stay warm while you sip, savor and stroll along this prime hotspot. The Museum Tours will give you access to attractions like the Sunriver Nature Center, Des Chutes Historical Museum, A.R. Bowman Memorial Museum, Fort Rock Valley Historical Society Homestead, and High Desert Museum.

Climb Smith Rock State Park – There’s no shortage of gorgeous natural landscapes in and around Bend, but Smith Rock State Park is something special. The park is the perfect place to rock climb (you might have guessed from the park name that there is a lot of rock here), hike, bike or view wildlife. The craggy rocks throughout the park make great photos, too.