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Central Oregon’s high desert has built a reputation as one of the best places for dog lovers, mountain biking, hiking, camping, rv rentals, helicopter tours, skiing, and of course the best place for beer.  With so many new breweries in Bend it can be hard to keep up with the experimental beer culture, but what if you’re looking for something other than beer? Like great local wines? We have the answer!

The most gorgeous pieces of winegrowing property in Central Oregon is Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards named after the snow-capped peaks of the looming Three Sisters mountains that can be seen in full glory from the air on your own helicopter wine tasting tour here in Bend.

Roger and Cindy Grossman opened the winery in 2010 that is committed to growing grapes that grow best on their cold site and have enlisted the help of enologists to plant cold-hardy hybrid varietals usually only seen in the Midwest or Northeast United States.  The result is a big line-up of unusual and delicious wines that you’ll likely never taste anywhere else: Marechal Foch, La Crescent and Frontenac.

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If you’re taking a break from adventures and fun here in Bend and want to explore the newly emerging wine scene in Central Oregon, you’ve got some great places to go by helicopter this week. Enjoy round trip pick ups from Sunriver, Bend, Pronghorn, Brasada and Tetherow Resorts. Group and corporate helicopter wine tasting charters available!