Winter Attractions, Tours and Adventures in Bend, Oregon

Winter months in Bend, Oregon are great for epic winter adventures: sledding, skiing, snowboarding, hot chocolate and curling up by the fireplace at your Bend hotel or AirBnB after a day of snow fun. Have you considered taking your snow adventure up a level to 10,000 feet this year in a private helicopter?

Summer Helicopter Tours and Winter Helicopter Tours in Bend, Oregon

Visitors to Bend tend to think our helicopter tours are an exclusive summertime activity. We are 365 days a year here in Bend, taking advantage of the 300+ days of sunshine in our little mountain town with a 100% refund policy for bad weather flight days. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why you should consider going on a helicopter tour this winter:

  • Winter Snow-Capped Mountains: Even if you’ve been on helicopter tour with Big Mountain Heli Tours in the summer, there’s no doubt that the winter snow-capped Cascades just outside of town adds a completely different twist. Experiencing snow-covered mountains and seeing skiiers on the summit of Mt Bachelor are thrills for any winter visitor.
  • Added Winter Fun: If you are planning a winter visit to Bend you are likely coming to go skiing or snowboarding on Mt Bachelor. Chances are, you will want to add a little more variety to your trip here in Bend and a helicopter tour adds just the right amount of adventure and excitement to any winter vacation in Bend.
  • Mt Bachelor Skiing Sights: You’ve probably had plenty of time to watch other people skiing or snowboarding from the ground at Mt Bachelor this winter but it can be fun to get a view of them from above. Book our Cascades Winter Wonderland Tour and get the very best in scenic flights for the region including Mt Bachelor.

Book your winter helicopter tour with us this winter and see more Bend this year!